Bournemouth Evening Triples League

Welcome to this page which is devoted to our bowling friends who take part in the Bournemouth Evening Triples League.

Clicking on the link below will lead you to a summary for each section of the league, giving league positions, the number of games played and points won. To see more detailed league tables simply click on the heading of the relevant league.

The 2017 league programme concluded with the matches played on August 1st.  The final tables are accessible via the link below.

The final tables for 2016 are also available via the link below.

2017 Season

2016 Season






Despite Redhill Park having circulated all clubs to advise them that visitors to the club for evening games that they should not use the car park adjacent to the green it is still happening. The Council are locking the gates before games are finished and the club cannot open the gates to let your car out. Please be warned and park in the adjacent streets.