Saturday League


The Association runs two league competitions on Saturday afternoons throughout the summer season. Over 900 players take part every Saturday during our 18 week season commencing in 2019 on 4 May. We shall have one Saturday off on 3 August, finals day of the Bournemouth Open Tournament. 

The Premier League in 2018 has five sections containing 10 teams in each. In Sections 1 to 4 each team consists of 4 rinks of four players and plays every other team in its section twice home and away. In Section 5 teams comprise three rinks.  Each match is played over 21 ends. Each winning rink scores 2 points. The side with the higher number of shots overall scores 6 points in Sections 1 to 4, 4 points in Section. The League operates a two up and two down system of promotion and relegation. The Premier League is a men only league.  

In 2018 the Saturday Triples League comprises 5 sections with 10 teams in Section 1 to 4 and 9 in Section 5. Both sexes may compete in the league without restrictions as to the composition of teams. Each match is played over 18 ends and each winning rink scores two points and the side with the highest number of shots overall scores an additional two points.

Premier League and Saturday Triples League fixtures for 2018 can be accessed via the links below. Providing results are reported to the League Secretary on time results will usually be entered and tables updated by the following day.

Clicking on one of the links below will lead you to a summary for each section of the league, giving league positions, the number of games played and points won. To see more detailed league tables simply click on one of the headings at the top of the web page.

Fixtures, Results and League Tables for 2019

Premier League Sections 1 to 4

Premier League Section 5

Saturday Triples League 

Iford Bridge A have withdrawn from Section 5 of the Premier League. The record of their results for weeks 1 to 3 has been deleted. 

2/7/19 Lymington C have withdrawn from Section 5 of the Saturday Triples League.

10/8/19 Due to high winds, the scheduled matches at Ringwood and Braeside were postponed by mutual agreement. All postponed matches were played by 29/8/19.






Results for the 2018 season

Premier League Sections 1 to 4  

Premier League Section 5   

Saturday Triples League   






Forms to notify results to the League Secretary can be printed by clicking on one of the links below. There are options to print one or two forms per page in Word or pdf formats:-

Word 1 per A4 page             Pdf 1 per A4 page

Word 2 per A4 page             Pdf 2 per A4 page