Data Protection Policy

Bournemouth & District Bowling Association

Policy to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


The Association lays out below its commitment to protecting personal data together with how we implement that comitment in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations.

  • ·       We will ensure that where personal data is collected it is used fairly and lawfully. Personal data may include name, postal and email address,  telephone number and membership of bowls club/s.
  • ·       We will process personal data only in order to meet our administrative, communication and directory needs and legal requirements. We may share your personal data with other bowls associations and bowls clubs where and when required for league or competition purposes.
  • ·       We will at all times strive to ensure that personal data is current and accurate.
  • ·       We will retain personal data only for the period that it is required.
  • ·       Members will have access to their personal information upon request and have the right to have it corrected if inaccurate or erased.
  • ·       We will incorporate adequate security measures to protect personal data.
  • ·       We will ensure that computers containing personal data incorporate passwords.
  • ·       A nominated officer of the Association will be responsible for data protection compliance and that officer will be the contact for all data protection issues.
  • ·       We will ensure that all Association officers are made aware of good practice in data protection.
  • ·       We will deal with data protection queries efficiently and promptly.