New Absent Player(s) rule

Further to the article summarising the Association's AGM, Bowls England have ruled that the B&DBA is defined as the regulating authority in this matter and is, therfore, empowered to vary Law of the Sport 39.2.2. That means the proposition passed at the AGM will take effect.

Please note the summary of the AGM has been revised to correct the sequence of play previously given in that summary. It is the the number two on the side with four players who plays two bowls in succession not the number threes as previously stated. 


All rules amended at the AGM are now shown on the website.


2018 AGM

The 2018 AGM was held on 1 December. A brief report of the matters decided follows:-

After serving two years as President. Mike Sykes (Moordown) retired from office and was succeeded by Norman Weller (Pelhams).  Peter Fisher (Argyll) moves up to Senior-Vice President and long serving committee member, Brian Pearce (Bournemouth Electric) was elected as Junior-Vice President. 

Mike Barrett (Pelhams) retired as Treasurer and is succeeded by Richard Handyside (Knyveton Gardens) a member of last season's committee. Other officers remain unchanged. Bob Sprules (Boscombe Cliff) was re-elected to the committee to serve with two mew members, Steve Hack (Kings Park) and Tim Medhurst (Knyveton Gardens).

The General Secretary, Peter Kaye, updated his report to to announce that the sponsorship with "Bowlaway" had recently been terminated. The Executive would be seeking a new venue for the Annual Presentation Lunch. 

As a result of votes on various propositions several changes have been made to the Association's rules. The changes are:-

1. Club Championship Rule 6(d). The rule for dealing with an absent player in a Premier League match was changed to require the defaulting side to play with 6 bowls only. The number two on the side with the a complement of players will play his two bowls in succession after the leads have bowled in normal sequence. The threes would follow the lone number two in normal sequence. No adjustment will be made to the score. [As this change could be construed as being in conflict with the Laws of the Sport - 39.2.2, a reference to Bowls England has been made to check if the B&DBA is empowered to implement this change]  

2. Club Championship Rule 1 (e). The rule regarding determining which rinks a match would be played on and the draw for pairings was amended to achieve greater clarity.

The Association's rules as shown on the website will in due course be amended to reflect the rule changes made at the 2018 AGM. A further announcement will appear on this website to report on Bowls England's reply and to advise when the website has been updated to reflect any revised rules. Please note the rules as shown on the website are subject to human error and are, therefore, not the definitive version which will be published later in an official B&DBA publication or as an amendment to an existing publication.

A proposition to allow clubs affected by Middleton Cup demands on their players to postpone games was defeated.

A proposition to restrict the numbers of women playing in the Saturday Triples to two in each triple was defeated.  

Retiring President, Mike Sykes was elected as a Life Vice-President of the Association.


Ray Ollis (Past President)

We regret to report the death of Ray Ollis on June 2nd. Ray was President of B&DBA in the Association's centenary year, 2006 and, therefore, played a leading part in organising commemorative events held that season. He also served as the association's match secretary in 2007. He always loyally supported the B&D and was a regular at its functions. Ray was formerly a member of Lymington and Ringwood Bowling Clubs and latterly of Braeside BC.

Ray's wife, Jenny, advises us that all are welcome to attend the funeral which is at 10.30am on Wednesday 13 June at Bournemouth Crematorium followed by a reception at South Lawns Hotel, Milford on Sea.